Lifemates Costs & Fees

Canadian singles have been relying on Lifemates Canada for over 20 years for their matchmaking needs. Lifemates has created thousands of marriages and serious relationships in locations around Canada including Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton.

The question of our Lifemates Canada fees is covered during the initial phone consultation with prospective members. Lifemates recognizes that its fees are higher than the cost of a membership in an Internet dating company but our personalized one-on-one service necessitates the increased costs. The Lifemates cost of operation, which includes a highly individualized system of personalized introductions, necessitates the higher fee.

At Lifemates we frequently work with singles that have already had experiences with online dating. They come to us because the computerized system of mixing and matching generally doesn't work. In addition, they find that they pay the higher cost in other ways, such as in longer waits between introductions and fees for traveling to meet their dates. These singles tell us that, in the end, the price of a Lifemates membership works out to be the lower cost.

The structure of the Lifemates program differs from that of other matchmaking programs and the Lifemates fees take that into account. The personalized program involves a higher operating cost to cover the professional relationship coaches and the extensive screening process that creates the Lifemates success. These Lifemates fees are shared among our membership.

When an individual joins Lifemates Canada the first step in the registration process involves an initial interview with a professional matchmaker. The matchmaker then builds the member's profile, a process which involves hours of interviews, analysis and scrutiny to ensure that this Key Core Compatibility Analysis accurately reflects the individual's interests, background, lifestyle and values. This is just one of the procedures for which Lifemates is recognized that adds to the Lifemates fees. This screening process, however, is the key to ensuring successful matches and for that reason; Lifemates is not prepared to eliminate the procedure simply to reduce fees.

The ongoing involvement of the Lifemates professional matchmaking staff is also a factor in the higher Lifemates Canada fees. Our professional matchmakers remain on call throughout each match to guide the participants and help facilitate all aspects of an introduction. This component is responsible for the success of many of the Lifemates matches. It is, however, a time-intensive procedure which adds to the Lifemates cost. This process has produced thousands of successful matches throughout Canada and, although the Lifemates Canada cost is higher than online dating fees, we charge this Lifemates cost to enable our program to function properly.

Singles may inquire about the exact Lifemates price, along with any other questions regarding the process, when they contact us.

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