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LifeMates Canada Vancouver offers Vancouver singles a reputable dating program designed for busy singles who want to date with serious intentions of establishing a long-term relationship and more. You save time because the LifeMates Canada staff reviews potential dates' profiles to ascertain the right introductions for you. You date serious individuals who are looking for the same qualities in a match that you envision in your own future partner.
Vancouver singles who are interested in meeting someone to date and develop a serious relationship can explore many different types of meeting arrangements. They can attend singles events, register for adult education classes, hang out at a bar, join a gym, go to speed-dating evenings or even try the Vancouver classifieds. When relationship consultants poll singles they often hear the singles' complaints about these options -- such efforts take a lot of time and energy and bring few results.
LifeMates Canada has been creating successful dating encounters for 22 years. LifeMates Vancouver creates a complete profile of each member which details his or her expectations and identifies the essence of what the individual wants from a relationship. We ask questions to pinpoint your life goals and core values. We want to know about your background, your lifestyle and your interests. We use this information to find compatible dating matches for you, individuals with whom you may wish to build a home, a family and a new life.
I grew up in Toronto where it has always seemed so easy to meet new people. When I transferred to my company's Vancouver office it never occurred to me that the social atmosphere in Vancouver would be so different. I have no complaints about the people who are very nice and hospitable. Still, I didn't quite know how to mix in Vancouver and I was lonely. I didn't envision meeting someone to marry through Lifemates -- I just wanted to start meeting people and having fun. In the end, naturally, the cosmos had other plans -- Lifemates introduced me to one very special 'friend' and we got married about a year later.
-Doug Zhao, Vancouver
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